Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tammy Gail Behnke at Fanstory

Tammy Gail Behnke has been a member of Fanstory since 2011. During 2012, she moved up through the ranks to become one of the more highly ranked poets on the site. The only problem? Many of the poems that she posted had been previously published on other sites--blogs, poetry workshops, in books, etc--by other people.

Now one could argue that she had multiple accounts at another site and that poems were really hers. However, included in the list of copied poems are those by a dead Romanian poet, two male bloggers, and Ms. Behnke's deceased brother-in-law (if you believe the claims posted on Fanstory by Ms. Behnke and a user claiming to be her husband Mark). I find it extremely unlikely that Ms. Behnke was all those other people, most especially the dead Romanian poet.

After she was reported to Fanstory site admin (several times), her and her husband's accounts both became in active. Her poems were either "deleted" or "removed from the public view", and therefore I was not able to get screenshots of all of the poems addressed in this blog. Generally the older the poem, the more likely it is to have a screenshot. Screenshots, with authors and posting dates, are available unless otherwise noted with [NSCA], which stands for "No Screen Shot Available".

Following the cut is a list in reverse chronological order of the poems that I am aware of that match poems previously published elsewhere. Warning. It's a doozy--55 poems and counting!