Purpose of this Blog

One of the purposes of this blog is to document instances of plagiarism and/or copyright infringement in the on-line poetry world and call out the perpetrators, who deserve to be publicly named. Note that plagiarism and copyright infringement are not the same thing.

Copyright infringement is copying someone else's words without her permission. This is a crime, although most actions over copyright infringement take place in the civil arena.

Plagiarism is passing off someone else's words as your own. If the original author has given you permission to present her words as yours, then this is not an illegal action-i.e. it is not copyright infringement. Plagiarism is, however, seen as a gross ethical violation by most writers.

We will also be blogging about other issues of interest to poets from time to time.

Some house-keeping items:

If anyone believes that I have posted anything factually untrue, please let me know SPECIFICALLY what it is and why you think is untrue. "Specifically" means "this statement right here in this post published on this date is not true because a, b, and c"; it does not mean "you're a big meanie and this blog is libeling and harassing me/my wife/my friend/etc".

Also, although plagiarism and copyright infringement deserve to be called out when we spot it, particularly on writing sites, they are not cause for violence. I can't imagine any reasonable person thinking they are. Should anyone reading this blog actually happen to know any of the perpetrators' real life address, location,  email, phone, or other contact information, please do not email, call, text message, Twitter, Facebook, or contact or directly communicate with them.

[Note: Image in this post is from Wikipedia. Published under a Creative Commons License.]


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